Most Wanted Apps Everybody Loves


The app market is one of the most competitive, with dozens of new apps released every week. What makes an app stick around and climb up the popularity charts is its corecreative value and content that keeps providing people a service they cannot find elsewhere.

Average Daily Usage of Electronic Gadgets

The number of smartphone users has been the highest sincethe launch of this technology. With approximately 6.3 billion users, the smartphone industry is nothing but thriving exponentially. What do so many users do while glued to their gadgets all day?

According to statistics, Americanscheck their smartphones about 262 times every day – meaning once every 5.5 minutes! That is quite an astonishing average usage of any gadget. Surveys further reveal that about 88% of this 262 times per day is spent using various mobile apps.

Average Daily Usage of Electronic Gadgets


Apps Everybody Loves

There is no standard formula here for all the different types of apps to become successful. However, the core requirement for successful app development is a phenomenal User Experience. If the apps do not visually appeal to the users, you might as well forget about the app’s popularity.

Moreover, apps that offer a service always occupy the top place,offering high user engagement. The more users get an excellent service, the more they are to engage with the app and continue using it. Finally, app reviews matter the most.

Users relate to other users’ sentiments and experience the most. Thus, apps with good reviews, such as AirG reviews Canada, are always a priority by the users.

Most Wanted Apps Everybody Loves


1.      WhatsApp

There is no app more efficient for instant messaging and voice or video calling than WhatsApp. This app has become synonymous with instant messaging and has rendered SMS apps obsolete for Android users because Apple users still use iMessages.

This app is nothing short of phenomenal, from video sharing to voice notes, tons of varieties of emojis to status sharing, deletion of chat messages to creating group chats as large as including over 100 WhatsApp users


WhatsApp’s user statisticsalso speak volumes of how users seldom delete this app after downloading it once. There are approximately25.6 million active usersof WhatsApp in 2021, compared to 24.6 million in 2020.

2.      Facebook

Facebook is the epitome of social media platform used by all and sundry.It is available across all major platforms, including BlackBerry, iOS, and Android. Whether it is personal communication or a business partnership, Facebook has become an ultimate marketing hub where marketers can reach out to numerous target segments easily.

Statistics show that roughly about 36.8% of the Earth’s population uses Facebook every month.

3.      Uber

Uber is the world’s number one on-demand cab-hailing service. It has an active presence in more than 50 countries across the globe and connects about 103 million riders to drivers. Even with numerous competitors, Uber dominates the US market with over 71% of the market share.

Uber’s superior and unmatched user experience is its most significant precursor to success. It offers an excellent in-app chat service between the riders and the drivers and several payment options that suit people.

Also, with its par excellence user interface, Uber proudly presents its users with accurate GPS integration with Google Maps. Another significant feature of this app that makes it a loved app is upfront price calculation. Users do not get into any ride for which they do not know the price.

4.      Instagram

Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, is one of the largest social media platforms, with over 1.4 billion monthly users. Instagram is like heaven to the sore eyes – offering high-quality real-time images and videos. It was launched back in 2010 and purchased by Facebook two years later.

Instagram story is an unmatched feature that Facebook adopted after its success on Instagram. This feature lets users capture and share videos and images that disappear after 24 hours. Instagram also offers in-app editing of photos and videos, while the filters keep the millennials and Gen-Z occupied.

5.      TikTok

TikTok is nothing short of a platform for creating high-profile creative short films. Sure, it might have started with teenagers lip-syncing and dancing to their movie dialogues or songs, but TikTok has come a long way now. It was built by a firm ByteDance based in China.

TikTok has the most effective algorithm, which shows highly customized and related content. Other apps are also famous for their algorithm, but TikTok is on another level, with about 90% of the usersaccessing it daily.

Users also love TikTok because of its duets feature. Users can make collaborative videos and lip-sync together. It is also a platform for viral videos.

6.      YouTube

YouTube is the best and most popular video platform globally. About 300 minutes of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute from various areas across the globe on YouTube. Whether it is video tutorials, product reviews, branding, latest news, hacks, movies, or any other video content, YouTube is like an encyclopedia for videos.

It has thousands of channels that belong to millions of creators who create and share their talents on a popular platform without any cost. It is the best app for sharing videos and subscribing to stay updated about the creators you follow.

YouTube’s popularity has also increased as it has started offering closed captioning in various languages to cater to everyone across the globe. It has also introduced video chapters that allow creators to break their videos into multiple segments and name them accordingly. It helps viewers find exactly what they want and skip the irrelevant part in the video.

7.      Netflix

There is no other synonym for a video-on-demand app other than Netflix. It is the most popular subscription-based streaming app that dominates the Over the Top (OTT) media service market. It is available on all platforms and easily streams whichever movie or TV series you want.

Users love the download option on Netflix as it allows them to download the videos beforehand and watch them uninterruptedly later. Netflix had over 240 million paying subscribers by the end of 2020. This app’s subscription and viewing rates skyrocketed during the worldwide lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Netflix also offers parental controls, thus taking worries off parents’ shoulders. Also, the algorithm of this app is par excellence, which is why the users love its personalized suggestions of videos to watch based on the watch and search history.

8.      Airbnb

Another fantastic app of these times is Airbnb. It has made traveling more manageable than ever by allowing travelers to book private properties for rent during their stay. The initial days of the app did not seem promising for the founder of this app, Brian Chesky.

However, Airbnb is now the priority of every traveler. It has a worldwide presence with strict guidelines for the owners offering their properties on the app and the renters. Users love it because of its excellent and accurate search results. The filters on this app are powerful and find users an accommodation that suits them in every way.

Another valuable feature of this beloved app is easy in-app communication between the hosts and the guests. There is no need to have private exchanges and get shady hosts. The app also has fully integrated payment systems so that no one is deceived.

Apps Need to Hit the Right Spot

The secret to designing, launching, and marketing an app that is an instant hit among the users is to study the target market. An in-depth need analysis reveals what people want from apps and what is being rejected by them. Mobile app development is an incredible market with booming opportunities, only if the developers know what their target segment desires and prefers.