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Smartphones smartly replaced all the various things we used to use in our daily routine before they became so insanely popular. We no more need little bedside alarm clocks to jolt us in the morning out of our sweet dreams. We also have no use whatsoever for a calendar essential to every household’s kitchen or living room wall.

In short, with smartphones, we have the whole world in our hands. In the most literal sense, this also implies how instantly we can connect with anyone anywhere in the world while comfortably sitting on our lounge sofa! It is the real power of technology and mobile apps.

The Global Mobile App Industry


With cellphones and mobile apps, nothing is limited to local boundaries. Almost all the apps are globally available everywhere or have suitable alternatives. You can go online and check reviews for an app on various sites and decide if you want it on your phone or not. It is as easy as that.

A prime example would be users checking out AirG reviews Canada and concluding that they would love to have AirG chat services on their phones. User reviews and ratings are available for everyone online. There is nothing to hide, so the global mobile industry relies mainly on user reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Most Essential Apps People Can’t Go a Day Without

Whether in a queue or waiting area of any commonplace, the most usual sight is people scrolling through their cellphones for long times. Do you ever wonder what they are doing? Are you interested in knowing which apps people use daily to function properly throughout the day or the apps that people cannot simply go without?

Let us dive in and see! Most of the apps in this list are determined by a public survey conducted by Audience Project and reported by Statista.  

1.      Facebook

Facebook remains on the top of the list of the most used and loved apps by users almost every year without fail. There is something so versatile and unique about this social media app that users cannot get over it. Facebook offers a broad range of options as a social media platform.

From sharing pictures, videos, GIFs, and memes to extensive public and private groups, virtual event setups and invitations, seminars, and marketing, Facebook is a one-stop solution for all. It rightfully serves as a prime entertainment source, serious discussions, family connections, and a platform for creative content producers.

Facebook is also a powerful tool for marketers. Facebook profiles of users have tons of data about a person’s personality, likes and dislikes, preferences in various purchases, etc. It is also a one-stop solution for marketers or small business owners.

Can you imagine visiting a beautiful place and not sharing it with your Facebook friends? Or can you shut off your Facebook and not go live in a concert you waited to attend for ages? Probably not, which makes it the top app that people cannot live without.

2.      Instagram

Instagram is also owned by Meta, which also owns Facebook. It is the second app on the list that people cannot live without. Instagram is all about delightful pictures, some esthetic edits, and hugely about stories, live videos, and tons of filter options.

One of the reasons why users love Instagram is its most uncomplicated interface and probably the simplest procedure to take photographs with filters. Instagram stories are the most-watched and preferred form of updates people want from the influencers.

The culture of influencers started on Instagram and has taken a toll on other platforms too! Followers look up to the influencers they relate to and keep checking on their latest updates to remain in the loop.

3.      Waze


Waze is the iOS version of Google Maps. It closely follows the Google Maps in popularity and usage as iPhone users swear by this navigation app and term it their favorite. The best part about the Waze app is its timely and accurate prompts about your route based on other users’ feedback.

Waze collects information from other riders and alerts new users about the closures or jams ahead.

4.      YouTube

Cellphones and entertainment go hand in hand. There has been no other app that is best for finding the right video content than YouTube. From car detailing information, house cleaning, TED talks, religious videos, etc., to stand-up comedy, skits, tutorials, vlogs, travelogues, and much more, YouTube is the hub for all kinds of video content.

5.      Twitter

You can undoubtedly find the latest news on Twitter earlier than on the news channels. Twitter has become the hottest platform for every breaking news. It also has ongoing trends that make or break any information, which is why users are addicted to this app.

With Twitter, scrolling through tweets, replies, and pictures is the easiest, so people love scrolling through it for hours.

6.      Dropbox or OneDrive

Cloud storage apps, such as Dropbox or OneDrive, have made people’s lives easier. These apps are synchronized across all the devices and are integrated with Gmail and other related apps. People prefer having their files on cloud storage rather than only having them on one hard drive.

With Dropbox’s on-the-go sync feature without users manually updating their files, the cloud storage game has changed forever. It is one app that people cannot live without, as their files are synced within seconds of saving and can be accessed from any device.

7.      WhatsApp

Last but not least important is our all-time favorite and go-to app, ‘WhatsApp.’ If there is any suitable alternative for which people left SMS services is this instant messaging and calling service, called WhatsApp.

With its rich-text features and a wide array of options for sharing pictures, videos, GIFs, stickers, documents, contacts, locations, etc., WhatsApp is also one of the apps that people cannot live without.

This Era Belongs to Mobile App Developers

There was a time when software engineers were the most sought-after ones by any big company or business. The same is now true for mobile app developers. Every business looks into building its app before it even starts operating. It shows how mobile apps have become an inherent part of every business strategy.

These apps mentioned above are the most used ones that people cannot live without. If you wish to add some apps to the list, please mention them in the comments!