Wall-mounted fixtures are a rapidly growing market concerning sleek, modern, and luxury bathrooms. With no dependence on the floor, these amenities practically float in the bathroom by being hinged to the wall.

Whether it is a large and bulky vanity unit or a sleek and modern wall-hung Toilet, with no contact with the floor, these fixtures offer full-floor access. The added floor space not only creates an illusion of spaciousness, but the concealing plumbing network behind the wall also makes it perfect for exhibiting a sleek and minimal outlook.

Nevertheless, to ensure a sophisticated look and equally phenomenal functionality, these five factors should be at the top of your consideration list.

What is a Wall Mounted Toilet and Why You Need One?

There mainly two categories of toilets. The one that fits on the ground and other fits on the wall. While close coupled toilet is sites directly on the floor, a wall hung fits on the wall. As a result, the floor remains clear giving a spacious looks in the bathroom. In addition to that cistern also remain invisible as it fits inside the wall creating a neater look. Due to this shape, you can easily fit them into the compact spaces, cloakroom or small bathrooms. You should prefer it if you have small space, wants to create a modern bathroom look easily.

Layout and Dimensions

Apart from being a common choice for high-end bathrooms, the compact dimension and size of the commode make it a choice for congested bathrooms as well. Wall-mounted commodes ideally need between 30 – 40 inches of wall space to function correctly.

As far as the height of the toilet is concerned, you can adjust it to your preference. Prefer installing it at a height that gives you convenient and comfortable access to the toilet. While you are at it, make sure the wall opposite the toilet should be at least 30 inches away.

Plumbing Network

Beneath the sleek and modern outlook of the toilet, there’s a plumbing network just as complicated. The plumbing lines of the unit should be aligned according to the toilet placement outside. Since the plumbing network is concealed underground, you’d need to go with a full-scale renovation to install a Wall Mounted Toilet.

The main wall should be at least 10-inch thick to accommodate all the concealed plumbing, flushing, and draining system. In case you have to add another layer of the wall to match the requirement, make sure to use quality silicone sealant to fix them in place.

Bowl Shape and Style

Enough with the dimension and plumbing, let’s talk about the appearance of the toilet itself. Rectangular, oval, and round-shaped fixtures are commonly installed in white and ivory shades. Since, these toilets come in two parts a bowl and cistern, you can get them separately as per your choice.

  • Round-shaped toilet bowls serve as a better choice for compact bathrooms with no sharp edges that compromise the rest of the space in the bathroom.
  • Large and spacious bathrooms have the luxury to go with either oval or rectangular toilet toilet even though they are at least six inches longer than the standard size.

Flush System

Wall-mounted toilet with either of the two flushing systems; single-flush and dual-flush systems. Your choice will have a huge influence on the amount of water you use on each flush. That will result in your water and energy bills over time.

  • Single-flush systems feature a cistern with a single-flush mechanism that provides an equal amount of flushing water every time.
  • Dual-flush system, the cistern offers two flush mechanics serving as an environmentally safe procedure with less water consumption. The cistern features control to determine how much water you want to flush out in one go. It is a modern feature that has become recently. By choosing between amount of water to flush, you can manage the amount of water you use. That can be a great option for someone concerned with environment or eco friendly fixtures.


Never risk buying a toilet from a dealer that does not provide at least 10 years of warranty. Since wall-mounted toilets lay their entire weight on the wall, they have a higher risk of getting damaged with usage. Not to mention, the concealed flushing system makes it utterly inconvenient to access or replace in case a fault shows up. Therefore, make sure to purchase the toilet from an authorized reliable dealer.

Final Thoughts.

Wall Mounted Toilet are become a popular choice with a time. The main reason for their popularity is compact design and luxurious looks. However, you will need to take a look at few things before deciding to install them. Although, these can be suitable choice for both small and large bathrooms, you should prefer them in the small bathroom or cloakroom. By keeping in mind above discussed considerations, you can ensure the one you choose is a perfect fit for your bathroom.