Touchless Car wash

How often do you visit your neighbourhood car wash? Did you briefly pause to consider whether you should go to a touch-free car wash instead? If yes, then you are not alone. The efficiency and superiority of touch-free car washes are common questions among car owners.

What Is the Process of Touch-Free Car Washes?

According to the leading car accessories online shopping sites, professionals use high-pressure water jets and powerful detergents in a touch-free car wash to clean cars. Furthermore, because it doesn’t touch your car, the only things that do are the water and car cleaning accessories, which come into direct contact with your vehicle.

Most of the time, touch-free car washes operate identically to standard car washes, except for that. After that, the conveyor belt will be initially ready for your car. You may then put your car in park, park it, or switch it off completely. The car wash will then start washing your car while a system of rollers carries your vehicle down the tunnel.

Why Are Touch-Free Car Washes Justified?

The touch-free car wash in your neighbourhood is worth visiting for a few reasons. Visits to one can not only save you time. However, they are also suitable for maintenance washes between more extensive clean-ups.

Touch-free car washes are better for your car’s exterior finishes and paint. This is because they are, well, touchless. According to professionals, underwhelming soft-cloth washes or bristles could cause some ugly issues, although automotive finishes are strong enough to withstand any car wash.

Essential Components of a Touch-Free Car Wash

You can’t just spray a car with high-pressure water after removing the car wash brushes and clothes and expect a pristine clean. The science behind ensuring that touchless vehicle washes meet expectations involves a lot of work.

Touch-free car washes can provide an excellent clean if car wash employees master these factors. But if it’s done incorrectly, just like any other car wash business model, it might disappoint customers and fail to clean or even harm a car properly.

There are five main factors to think about in general:

  1. Water Quality – Different types of water have different qualities. You can guarantee your consumers the best results by understanding the pH and other quality indicators.
  2. Water Temperature – Temperature will be a key performance indicator for cleaning. If the water is too cold, it probably won’t clean as well as it should, but the paint might experience damage if it’s too hot.
  3. Chemistry – To help deliver premium, clean, touch-free car washes are likely to use specific chemicals in the water spray. Understanding which chemicals to use and in what proportion will significantly affect the final result.
  4. Time – Car washes must know how long it takes to remove the filth. Again, too little time may result in dirt remaining on the car, while too much time may result in operational inefficiencies and decreased profitability.
  5. Water Pressure – Water pressure is another crucial aspect of washing the car. Finding the balance that produces the most significant results for cleaning and your business is essential. This is because little pressure will fail to remove dirt and mud, and high pressure may harm paintwork.

Do You Need a Touch-Free Car Wash?

Many in the business have strong opinions on touch-free car washes, favouring or against them. Supporters contend that it is easy to use and efficient, minimising any possibility of car damage. Thanks to technological advancements, you can change the elements and pressure to meet the needs of each car. Additionally, it can give car wash operators more flexibility to service unusually shaped vehicles.

Those who argue against it assert that it cannot provide the same cleanliness as substitutes. It also depends on chemicals. Therefore, there are risks involved. If you don’t manage chemicals properly, using them may raise potential environmental issues. 

Many also contend that touch-free cleaning may require more time and result in longer lines, which could impact forecourt management and client satisfaction.

As the car wash owner, it is up to you to determine whether you believe your consumers will prefer this kind of washing service. In the end, the best approach to expanding any business is to understand what your customers want and give it to them. Compared to one another, each car wash business model has benefits and drawbacks. 

Therefore, the decision comes down to which one you believe offers the best value to your clients.


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