Car travel checklist
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Long drive travel by car checklist might include various things that will make your car ride comfortable over a long period. At the same time, these accessories also ensure your safety on the road, as your car is a machine that might malfunction anytime. Getting stranded on the road during travel is the worst nightmare for any rider. 

Therefore your ultimate car travel accessories checklist should contain some safety accessories and accessories that will ensure comfort and connectivity with the world, no matter where you go. This will help you drive with utmost safety, hit the road with confidence, and make you recollect the memories of the trip in future with sheer nostalgia. 

However, many travel accessories are available in the automotive market. It would be best if you chose the most essentials. Investing money in something that will not be used frequently will be a waste. The choice of car seat accessories entirely depends on the car owner’s preferences and lifestyle. However, below are some essential accessories without which a long drive will not be enjoyable.

Accessories for Long drive Travel by Car Checklist:

Car Phone Holder:

This is the most important accessory that helps the driver to maintain connectivity with the world without shifting any focus from driving. Whether you need to check the most important mail, receive some important notification, or access the GPS service to guide you through an unknown road, a mobile phone is all you need. 

Car Phone Holder is typically attached to the car dashboard or the windshield, which allows you to access your phone from the driver’s seat without any issues. There are a variety of car Phone holders available in the market; choose according to your necessity.

Portable Multi Dick Charger:

The batteries of smartphones tend to perish faster because of the various services and the heavy apps that it supports. A dead phone is useless and can make you fall into difficulty on roads. 

Therefore a portable Multi Dock charger will keep your phone battery alive throughout the trip and allow you a stable connection with the world. If you are travelling with your family or friends, a multi-dock charger can also be helpful for them. 

Tyre Puncture Kit:

Car tyres are one of the essential parts of the vehicle. A flat tyre will hamper a smooth journey and prevent you from securing the utmost fuel efficiency. It is always recommended that you check the tyre pressure before heading on to your journey, but bad road conditions might also make your tyres go flat by making them come in contact with sharp objects. 

Keeping a tyre Puncture Kit handy can save you from rushing to the mechanic and immediately pausing your journey. You can easily fix the affected place of the tyre with accessories like rubber strips, plugging gum, nozzle, cutter, probe tool, and reaming tool found in a tyre puncture kit. 

Tyre Inflator:

Once you have repaired the punctured portions of your tyre, it’s time to inflate your tyres according to the factory-recommended level. This can only be done by using a tyre inflator. Carrying only a tyre puncture kit would not ensure the utmost safety for your tyres while travelling at high speeds. 

This is because speedy driving will cause the air pressure to go low and eventually run out of air. After repairing the puncture inflating the tyre is extremely important to resume a smooth journey.

Car Armrest:

A central car Armrest is pure bliss to drive away the fatigue of your long journey. Keeping the hands on the steering for a long time can make one uncomfortable. Therefore a central armrest pre-installed in the car is a plus. 

But most of the regular models don’t come with one. But you can easily grab an aftermarket armrest of good quality and install it before going for long car rides.

Car Cushions:

A long journey without soft fluffy car cushions is unthinkable. It can be used by both the drivers and the passengers to sit in a relaxing posture that will not carry the tendency to cause back or neck pain. If you own a luxury car model, going for car cushions of your brand will also add a touch of sophistication to your car’s interior.

Final Thoughts:

Including all these accessories for your long drive travel by car checklist will help you to be a smart and thoughtful driver. A long journey in your car might sometimes become strenuous and tiring, which can impose several health hazards like back or neck pain. With car seat accessories, this can be easily prevented.

Carorbis offers you a wide variety of car accessories for long journeys, which you can purchase at the most pocket-friendly rates. You can also look for any vehicle accessories that you need at your earliest. All you need to do is select your favourite product and order online to receive them at your doorstep on or before the stipulated time.

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