Amazon PPC

Around 98 million consumers use Amazon’s shopping app every month. It speaks for the strength of this online market giant. Buyers flock to Amazon because of its brand value and good shopping experience. Every retailer dreams of a share of this marketplace. This approach has made Amazon a highly competitive market too, particularly during the festive season.

To beat this competition, sellers require extra assistance, as organic searches alone won’t help. This is why Amazon Pay-Per-Click advertisements have become a hot topic among online retailers. If you don’t cater to a niche market, creating a searchable listing alone will not be able to get you buyer leads. However, if you find advertising on the platform complex, here is a quick guide to Amazon PPC management that can help you increase productivity and save time. 

Let’s discuss some tips to boost your Amazon store’s sales through PPC advertising.

How to Grow Sales with Amazon PPC

The following tips can help you boost sales with the help of Amazon PPC:

Brainstorm an Ad Campaign Structure

You must create Ad groups and campaigns correctly on Amazon PPC. The best strategy is to create dedicated campaigns for each primary product category. Going forward, you can create specific ad groups for respective campaigns. This will help you manage the overall PPC in an organized manner.

Create a PPC Budget

It is essential to decide how much you will be investing in Amazon PPC. Identifying priority products with respective keyword costs might help. Investing in Amazon ads is the best bet, particularly in the festive season. Therefore, rational thinking in terms of the budget and its expected ROI will help you boost sales.

Use High-Quality Images

The quality of the product image is crucial for ad optimization. A clear, high-quality picture will attract buyers. The image should describe the object precisely and satisfy the customer’s curiosity. Great pictures instill trust amongst buyers and also help strengthen your brand value. Amazon allows sellers to upload 7 to 9 pictures in their listing.

Take Advantage of Promotional Periods

As already mentioned, Amazon PPC is a great tool to improve sales during occasions like Prime Day Sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other festival countdown sale periods. During this time, the random buyer traffic is high. If you post ads during this period, their conversion rate improves drastically. So, prepare a sales event calendar and plan according to these events. Consumers wait for these dates to find attractive discounts. It can also help you manage stock by prioritizing less-sold products.

Use the ‘Adjust Bids By Placement’ Feature

Amazon PPC offers an “Adjust Bids By Placement” feature. It helps sellers maximize returns by adjusting bids automatically according to the ad’s respective position on the search result page. It helps you prioritize the most valuable and highest-selling items. Generally, the cost for ad placement in the first SERP row is higher than the lower ones and other on-page positions. Professional Amazon PPC management companies can be used for assistance if you find the ad placement process complex. 

Expert Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Amazon PPC Campaign

There are many ways to structure an Amazon PPC campaign. We discussed some of them in the previous paragraph. However, paid marketing keeps evolving, and so do the marketers. The need to come up with a better strategy is paramount in this case, because doing so will help you get improved results amidst the competition. 

Here are a few tips that we have gathered from PPC experts to help you. 

  • Reduce the keywords you have aggregated to very specific sets based on utility 
  • Go for long-tail keywords since they don’t usually have much competition 
  • Pay attention to the impact of every little change made in your PPC campaign 
  • Adjust the campaign depending on the changes you see 
  • Keep your daily PPC budget flexible so it can be adjusted accordingly


In short, given the strength of consumer traffic on Amazon, it is certain that your prospective buyer is on the platform searching for desired products. You just need some out-of-the-box thinking to get an edge over the existing competition and convert those target buyers for your store. 

Making a strategy after detailed competitor analysis and using unique promotional ideas can boost your Amazon PPC ads. Moreover, engaging an Amazon advertising agency will always be a wise choice if you want to achieve sales goals but, at the same time, want to remain focused on your core business responsibilities.