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One simply cannot have enough of what Hollywood has to offer nowadays. There is a plethora of content to consume and too little time to do it. Our TV channel lineups are flooded with so many options that choosing one often proves frustrating.

Among several TV service providers in the country, there is one that offers this luxury with the power of satellite i.e.– DIRECTV. DIRECTV is home to the finest TV networks that may be enjoyed at reasonable rates.

Though, DIRECTV did not stop at the offer of scheduled satellite programming. It soon introduced a sensation service known as DIRECTV Stream, which happens to be a streamable version of DIRECTV. In a DIRECTV Stream package, you will be able to access a similar TV channel lineup , although a lot less in variety compared to satellitewithout having to follow a fixed schedule. And today, we thought to tell you about some exciting titles that you ought to tune into once subscribe to this sensational service. Here are a few tempting titles that you can rent on DIRECTV Stream packages right away:

A Journal for Jordan

Starting off with a true story, A Journal for Jordan tells a tale that was written in the real-life journal of 1st Sergeant Charles Monroe King. Before he was killed in action, King wrote a journal in which he left lessons for his son Jordan about how to live a decent life without having a father around. The role of 1st Sgt. King is portrayed by Michael B. Jordan whereas other noteworthy actors include Chanté Adams, Jalon Christian, Robert Wisdom, and several others.


Moving on to a romantic spectacle, Cyrano is a musical drama that focuses on the romantic struggles of Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano has a way with words and happens to be a remarkable swordsman. However, when it comes to expressing his love, he is a bit too conscious because he does not think of himself to be worthy of affection.

Thus, he decides to his magical words to help a young man steal the heart of the love of his life through a series of love letters. While the role Cyrano is portrayed by Peter Dinklage, other prominent actors include Haley Bennett, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Ben Mendelsohn, and a few others.

The Girl on the Mountain

Jack is a reclusive backwoodsman suffering from a serious family tragedy. While he struggling to find redemption, he finally gets his chance when he crosses paths with a young mute girl who is attempting to flee from abuse.

The sad part of the girl’s tragedy, though, is she is being threatened by her own father. So when the father and his gang approach, Jack goes into protector mode and faces off against a ruthless group of torturers and killers. Notable actors joining this cast include Makenzie Sconce, Daniel O’Reilly, Megan Elizabeth Barker, and some others.

The Last Mark

In this thriller, we see deadly assassins Keele and Palmer going for one final hit. The story kicks off when a young woman has the misfortune of witnessing a mob hit where Keele and Palmer were involved.

Now, Keel and his crazy partner must do everything in their powers to silence the witness for good. HoweverThough, to their surprise, the witness proves to be the most difficult mark of their lives. Actors joining this cast include Shan Doyle, Bryce Hodgson, Alexia Fast, Joh Cruddas, and several others.

Gasoline Alley

Set in downtown Los Angeles, Gasoline Alley revolves around a man,  who is apparently framed for triple murder. Not willing to give in to the accusation, the man initiates an investigation of his own.

Soon after starting his investigation, the man convinces the detectives who are pursuing him, to join him in his investigation and prove his innocence. Little did they know that they were about to uncover a conspiracy beyond their wildest imaginations. Actors worth noticing in this spectacle include Bruce Willis, Devon Sawa, Kat Foster, Luke Wilson, and some others.

King Richard

Ending with a biography, King Richard focuses on the life journey of real-life tennis sensations Serena Williams and Venus Williams. The movie shows how the pair of sisters grew to unimaginable heights thanks to the unforgiving training and tiring training routines that their father Richard Williams designed for them. While the role of Richard Williams is portrayed by Will Smith, his daughters Venus and Serena are portrayed by Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton respectively.

To Sum Up

These are only a few titles awaiting your viewership in the DIRECTV Stream packages. So, do not waste any more time and hop on to the BuyTVInternetPhone platform and subscribe to these amazing plans.