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A Brute Force Attack is an attempt to guess a password by systematically trying different combinations of letter, symbols and numbers. Brute force attack continues until the combination match. Having a user authentication website can become the target of a brute force attack. Brute force attack is the most common and dangerous hacking method due to its high success rate. Before discussing some steps to stop brute force attacks, you should know all sorts of brute force attacks that are given below. Having information by a PhD dissertation writing service, it will make you able to stop brute force attacks.

  • Simple brute force attack – It can happen through a systematic approach of numbers and symbols.
  • Hybrid brute force- This attack happens by external logic to guess which password combination is suitable.
  • Dictionary attacks- A hacker uses different phrases and possible strings of dictionary in order to guess usernames and passwords.
  • Rainbow table attack – It is another common type of brute force attack that is a pre-computer table. This pre-computer table is used for revising cryptographic hash functions. It can be helpful to guess the limited set of characters that can be used for website security.
  • Reverse brute force attackers use a different password that can be matched with the username. He makes the target to the previously obtained data to guess password.

Don’t become the victims of brute force attacks; follow some steps that are given below:

Use A Length Password:

The first step that you should take to stop a brute force attack is the use of a lengthy password. Create 14 to 16 characters for your passwords. Don’t use 8 numbers passwords, because, it is a standard password that can be hacked very easily. For example, the English language has 26 alphabetic. By doubling its upper and lower cases we will make 52 numbers.  If we add 10 numeric digits in the 52 characters then the total numbering is 62.  So, it would be easy to check the possible combinations of 62 characters.  Therefore, always give preference to a long password.

Use A Complex Password:

Another important step to delay the cracking process is password complexity. Use a password that is consisted of lower and upper cases. Adding numeric’s and symbols will make them more complex. Never set a password on your website name or your products’ names, because, it can be guessed very easily.

Limit Login Attempts:

Limiting your login attempts of word press admin and other admin panel is another powerful action to stop brute force attack. So, if you have settled 5 limit login attempts then the next attempt of the hacker will be failed and your IP would be blocked for a certain period of time. In this way, further attempts to guess the password can be prevented.

Using Captcha:

Captcha is the code combination to verify the human response. Another most powerful step to stop a brute force attack is the use of Captcha. You can add the photos and numbers Captcha on your website. For example, before entering into your website, visitors have to fill the Captcha; in this way, faker visitors cannot try to enter it. Therefore, you should install Google invisible reCaptcha and plug-in into your Google account. Having this plug-in will support to Woo Commerce and Buddy Press.

Two Factor Authentications:

Using two-factor authentications is another step toward security and defends your website. The success rating of brute force attack on tow factor authentication protected sites is not good. You can use various ways to implement two-factor authentications in your WordPress site. Although, two-factor authentication is a simple step, yet it can save you from a big loss.

Use Cloudflare:

The Cloudflare is the protective shield and can stop to Brute Force Attacks. Through the use of ClouseFlare, you can some rules and regulations for login pages and checking Browser integrity. Most admin already uses Cloudfare but don’t set a unique password for each account. Therefore, they should change their password frequently and use a separate password for each account. Don’t set the same password for various accounts. Sharing your personal information and credentials through insecure channels can be a dangerous habit, so avoid this bad habit.

Update Admin Account Security

You should update admin account security. Make sure that accounts are getting locked out and you can reset them easily. In order to add an extra site, you should add the migrations database filed. Along with that, you should check your traffic volume in order to identify unusual behavior. Always monitor your transaction rates, in this way you can stop a brutal attack. Along with that, you should monitor your server logs and maintain all the files that are essential for a strong system. For that purpose, you can use log management applications to get daily reports.

Imperva WAF

The use of Imperva WAF is also a useful and beneficial step toward the security of your website. It can protect the manual brute force attack. Imperva can detect the activity if use when he makes an attempt to access to your website. If he gets success to know your passwords, Imperva will send your security alert, in this way you can stop brute force attack.

Modify .htaccess File

Setting new rules and regulation in an access file is very difficult to die to the security of your WordPress site. If you will modifying some special IP addresses in .htaccess file then you can stop to brute force attack. In order to modify htaccess file you should do:  IPI AND IP2 will be the IPs to access to the file.

order deny,allow

deny from all

allow from IP1/Mask1

allow from IP2/Mask2