NEET Chemistry difficult

If you want to know Is NEET chemistry difficult? then you are reading the right article

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  We have written this article after a lot of research and this article is in a very simple way so that everyone can understand it easily, so let’s start

Reasons why NEET Chemistry students find it difficult?

If seen, chemistry is the only subject that students find most difficult in NEET because its syllabus and reactions are neither understood nor remembered quickly, that’s why students consider chemistry to be so tough, although it should be seen So all students are not the same, some find chemistry tough and some do not.

By the way, most of the students find chemistry difficult, the reason for this is that the syllabus of chemistry is so high that students get scared after seeing it.

This is the reason why NEET chemistry difficult?

Yes NEET chemistry is difficult but not so difficult that you can’t clear it, have faith in yourself and prepare well.

Can average students crack NEET chemistry?

Yes, there is no doubt that an average student can crack NEET chemistry, yes, he can, but for that, average students will have to read the syllabus thoroughly, which chapters of chemistry he studied in his 11th and 12th class. This time he will have to read the same chapters very carefully and deeply, only then an average student can crack NEET chemistry.

How to learn NEET Chemistry?

If you read chemistry well then you can easily pass it but you may face a lot of problems in the beginning, so let us talk about how to learn NEET Chemistry. First you have to see its syllabus very well, this is the same syllabus which you studied in class 11th and 12th, but this time you have to read this syllabus very carefully, you can easily learn NEET Chemistry by following the following points

1. First of all you know the syllabus

2. Do daily revision

3. Start reading from NCERT Books

4. solve your doubt

5. Memorise the names and IUPAC names of all the elements, this will make it easier for you to understand the reactions.

6. Remember the periodic table well

7. Also remember the atomic number, atomic weight and valency of all the elements.

9. Don’t study with stress

By following these following points, you can easily learn the chemistry of NEET.

NEET Chemistry Syllabus

To read chemistry well, it is very important to know its syllabus first.this is the syllabus of NEET chemistry

Name of chapter weightage
Basic concepts of chemistry2%
Structure of Atom3%
Classification of elements and periodicity in properties3%
Chemical Bonding and molecular structure5%
States of Matter: Gases and liquids2%
Redox Reactions1%
Chemical kinetics3%
Surface Chemistry1%
General Principles and processes of Isolation Elements1%
s- Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)1%
Some p-Block elements1%
d and f Block Elements4%
Coordination compounds4%
Organic Chemistry – some Basic principles and techniques2%
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids3%
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes1%
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers8%
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen1%
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids3%
Chemistry in Everyday Life4%
Environmental Chemistry1%


Today we have given you Is NEET chemistry difficult? Have told about it and also told some other important points so that you can also understand that Is NEET chemistry difficult? And I hope you have understood this article very well.

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