It really does not matter if one is growing flowers in the garden or purchasing some fresh blooms from a florist. One always wants to make those flowers last. It truly doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that one is developing blossoms in the nursery or buying a few new sprouts from a flower specialist. One generally needs to make those blossoms last.

These days sending flowers to near and dear ones have become much easier. One can order flowers from online florists and send flowers to pakistan from uk or any other countries. And when one receives fresh flowers – they look so beautiful that everyone wants them to keep alive and vibrant for a few more days. When one gets new blossoms – they look so gorgeous that everybody believes them should keep alive and energetic for a couple of additional days.

Tips to keep flowers fresh for longer

Here are some major tricks that one can follow – so that they can extend the life of those cut flowers. All of them are quite helpful.

  • When one purchases flowers or get flower bouquet as gifts – Then they must always cut the stems before putting them in water. Buying them from professional florists mean they are always cut and will be good for a few days. But one has to clip those stems to allow fresh water to reach the stems. It is also need to replace the water after few days.
  • Before one place those cut flowers in the vase, it is idea to remove all the extra leaves at the base of the stem. By eliminating foliage – there can be a decrease of bacteria in the water and it will be free from foul odours. The flowers will also stay fresh for longer.
  • Picking the correct vase to keep fresh flower is also quite important. One must take it the right size and ensure that all the clipped stems fit nicely into the opening or the mouth. It is better to keep them in the vase and not in a glass blow because it can be quite difficult to cut the stems. If one wants those flowers to open up then it is better to use lukewarm water than cold. The warm temperature can facilitate the opening of the bloom. When they are open, one can replace it with cold water.
  • Fresh and clean water will help the cut flower to stay alive for longer. One has to remove the flowers from the vase every 2 to 3 days and rinse the vase out. Then fill it with fresh water to keep the flowers back. Placing the floral arrangement in the fridge overnight will also help one to extend the flower’s lives, especially in summer. Then, at that point, fill it with new water to hold the blossoms back. Setting the decorative layout in the refrigerator short-term will likewise assist one with expanding the bloom’s lives, particularly in summer.
  • Everything has a season. There will be a time when the flowers will start to fade and then turn dark. One needs to remove the dying flowers so that the bouquet remains intact. This will keep the arrangements fresh for longer.
  • One has to keep the flower bouquets in a cool and shaded area that receives indirect sunlight. Cooler spaces are always better for flower except the tropical blooms.


When it comes to sending flowers to Pakistan from uk, one can choose some lovely seasonal blooms from the online florists and order them. These bouquets are delivered to the love ones right on time. These flower bundles are convey to the friends and family exactly on schedule.