Graphic design is a great career for people who are creative and enjoy art, technology, and communication. There are design demands in every industry, so graphic designers have many opportunities to take on a variety of new and exciting projects. It can also be a very fulfilling career because graphic designers can see the real impact of their work.

There are also many opportunities for graphic designers to branch out into other areas of design. Graphic designers have many transferable skills that can help them transition into related professions such as UX/UI design or web development. 

Many institutes are offering graphic designing courses in Pakistan. Even if you are interested in a graphic design online course there are many options available for you.


I find it hard to answer this question but if I have to put it into words, Graphic design is the ‘organization’ and ‘presentation’ of information developed through a creative process for a particular reason. The graphic part of the graphic design is made of visual elements and is associated with art, imagination, and expression. While design is about thinking and problem solving consequently deciding the look and function of something before it is made. So basically it is communication using graphic elements.


To master this skill you can opt among the following platforms that provide graphic designing courses in Pakistan and also graphic design online course.

  1. PFTP: PFTP provides a graphic design online course that provides you with all the knowledge and skill that you need in the field of freelancing. This online graphic design course includes web design, UI and interactive design, advertising and marketing design, motion graphics and animation, packaging design, game design, illustration, publication, and typographic design.
  1. NFTP: NFTP offers a graphic designing course in Pakistan in 18 different cities. Their goal is to provide a modish graphic design course to invigorate the Picasso in you. Interesting, isn’t it?
  1. LUMS: LUMS center for continuing education studies offers a graphic design online course.  It covers the fundamental concepts of visual design, which will enable participants to design brochures, backdrops, logos, typography, infographics, presentation images, etc.
  1. NUML: NUML is another platform for taking a graphic designing course in Pakistan. Their Lahore and Rawalpindi campuses offer short courses designed for the youth to help them empower themselves in the field of freelancing.
  1. NICON: NICON is another trusted place for a graphic designing course in Pakistan. Their course content includes CorelDraw, graphic techniques, Adobe Photoshop, color mixing, designing visiting cards, designing invitations, designing brochures, letter pads, magazine designing, and newspaper layouts.
  1. ICEPT: Iqra Centre for Emerging Products and Technologies is another platform for the graphic designing course in Pakistan. The students will learn to work on adobe creative suite programs including adobe illustrator and adobe Photoshop.
  1. MDi Pakistan: It provides a short graphic designing course in Pakistan.  Photoshop toolbox, acquiring images, importing & exporting images, creating a text frame, defining a text path, type styles and fonts, creating paths and drawings, combining and grouping, tracking user actions, exporting for print and online distribution, pdf configuration and settings are some of its contents.
  1. NIMLS: National institute of modern language and sciences provide the opportunity for a graphic design online course. They offer multiple courses starting from a duration of two months to two years providing deep knowledge about graphic design.
  1. MASIA Institute: They have a range of graphic design courses available starting from a 1-month short course to 6 months advanced professional course. You will learn not only the graphic tools but the printing standards and techniques used in the printing industry and for infographics. The advanced course also covers the graphics used for mobile applications and website designs. 
  1. Click5: Here is another opportunity for a graphic designing course in Pakistan. The course includes logo design, web and app design, and print and vector design.


Today graphic design is implemented across a broad spectrum of media, both print and digital, such as advertising, branding, web design, paper engineering and packaging, magazine layout, and digital art. Therefore is highly demanded in the freelancing market. Above mentioned sources of graphic designing course in Pakistan are all tried and true. They ensure all the marketing aspects are taught properly hence making you market-ready.

  Graphic design has been used to communicate and spread messages worldwide. It is quite a creative field that provides you freedom in your work. Seize the opportunity of a graphic designing course in Pakistan from just mentioned credible sources and take the first step towards a successful journey