Green Cleaning: How Fresno Janitorial Services are Making a Difference for the Environment
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Fresno Janitorial Services are becoming more popular in Fresno, and for good reason. Cleaning your home or office is hard work and can be time consuming, so why not let someone else do it for you? Green cleaning is one of the most popular options and it offers many benefits.

How Can You Make Sure That a Janitorial Service is Practicing Green Cleaning?

  • Ask the company about their green cleaning practices.
  • Ask for a list of ingredients in their cleaning products, and make sure they’re not harmful to you or the environment.
  • Make sure they use biodegradable products; this means that if you spill some of it on your floor, it won’t ruin your carpet or wood floors (or drywall).
  • Ask if they use recycled paper towels and toilet paper–this saves trees from being cut down for us! And since these items break down quickly when placed in landfills, using them is better than using non-recycled versions!


What is Going Green With Fresno Janitorial Services Like?

The benefits of using green cleaning services in Fresno are many. A green cleaning service is one that uses products that are environmentally friendly and safe for people, animals and the planet. Green cleaners do not use harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients in their products. Instead, they use natural ingredients such as essential oils to create cleaning solutions that work just as well but don’t harm the environment or your health when used regularly over time.

The janitorial service will make sure they are using the right products before beginning any job so you know what kind of impact it will have on your home or business property when they leave after completing each task!

Certified Green Cleaning Services in Fresno, CA

If you are looking for a company that provides certified green cleaning services in Fresno, CA, then look no further. Green Cleaning is a growing trend that is helping to reduce the environmental impact of Fresno Janitorial Services. Green cleaning is better for the environment because it uses less chemicals and water, but still gets the job done just as well as traditional methods.

Green Cleaning Services in Fresno, CA

We believe in providing our customers with high quality products and services that are good for both them and their wallets! We have been serving businesses throughout Fresno since [year]. Our dedication to customer service combined with our commitment to providing honest advice has made us one of Central Valley’s premier providers of janitorial solutions including: office cleaning; carpet care; upholstery cleaning & protection; hard surface restoration (tile grout cleaning); hazardous waste removal / disposal services etc…

The Benefits of Green Cleaning Services

Green cleaning services have many benefits for your business, including:

  • Your employees’ health. Green cleaning products are safer for workers to use than traditional chemicals. They’re also less likely to irritate skin or cause respiratory problems.
  • Your company’s bottom line. Switching to green products can save you money in many ways: they last longer than conventional cleaners, they don’t require additional labor costs (like disposal), and they don’t require specialized training like their toxic counterparts do! In addition, there are tax incentives available if you purchase environmentally friendly products through your Fresno janitorial service provider or any other vendor with whom you work closely (such as an office supply store).

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

There are many benefits to green cleaning. First of all, it helps you to keep your home healthy and clean. You can breathe easier knowing that there’s less dust and allergens floating around in the air that you’re breathing. Your family will also benefit from cleaner air quality as well as reduced health risks associated with chemicals used in traditional cleaning methods (for example, harsh detergents).

The following sections discuss some specific ways that green janitorial services improve indoor air quality:

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Green cleaning is a great way to help the environment, but it’s also just a better way to clean. Green products are safer for you, your family and pets and they won’t harm your indoor air quality like traditional cleaning products do.

Cleaners that contain bleach can cause irritation of the eyes, skin or throat if inhaled or splashed onto skin. They can also irritate sensitive mucous membranes such as those inside the nose or mouth if breathed in directly from an aerosol sprayer nozzle during application. When using these types of products on hard surfaces like floors or countertops where there’s no water present (e.g., when using wipes), it’s important not only that you wear gloves but also that you avoid breathing any fumes from them as well; otherwise your risk for respiratory problems increases significantly!


Green cleaning is a great way to make sure your building is clean and healthy. It’s also good for the environment, which means you can feel good about what you’re doing as well! If you’re looking for a Fresno janitorial service that uses eco-friendly products and practices green cleaning techniques, contact us today.