A machine tool used for making the surface smooth by removing the roughness from it, from using the rotating abrasive wheel which acts like a tool, is called the Grinding tools.

Because of the different parts of the machine and its working, it is necessary to modify the center of professional grinding timely so it could work better and professionally. Also, it could be essential to summarize its experience regularly due to the grinding tool’s hard work.

There are some issues that would not be ignored in tool grinding because of the hard work, like the material of tools, type of grinder tools, maintenance of grinding wheel , and other issues like the standard of grinder, equipment used for detection,  and so on.

Measures required in Grinding Tool

1.   Material of tools

The main tool materials in tool grinding are: high-speed steel, powder metallurgy high-speed steel, cemented carbide, PCD, CBN, cermet metallurgy high-speed steel, cemented carbide, PCD, CBN, cermet as well as some super hard materials. Whereas, cemented carbide tools are hard but their quality in toughness is poor. Instead of this, high-speed steel tools are tough as well as they are sharp.

However, the density of high-speed steel tools is significantly lower rather than the cemented carbide tools. Those two are the basic materials of drill bit, cutter, milling cutter, and tap.

Because of the toughness of the material, high-speed steel tools are less sensitive to collision. On the other side, cemented carbide is very sensitive to a collision and easy to break despite its hardness and brittleness. Due to those reasons, it is necessary to prevent some measures in the process of grinding like the collision between the tools’ cutting.

Because the exactness of high-speed steel tools is very low, the requirements of grinding tools are high and the price also is not very high, that is the reason many manufacturers repair and grind tools in their workshops.

On the other hand, in the case of cemented carbide cutting tool manufacturers, it is not possible and they are sent to a professional grinding center for grinding on regular bases. A report presents the data of some domestic tool repair centers, where it is clearly shown that above 80% of the tools sent to the repair centers are cemented carbide tools.

2. Types of Grinder Tools

 Due to the hardness of the tool material, it could only change during the process of grinding. To grind the tools manufacturer used several tool grinders so it can become easy to use. Here are some machining tips which are used for grinding tools.

Cutting grinding machines: In this method groove is grinded or its back is cut by using the cutting tool machines like drill.

Angle grinder: The top conical angle is used to grind by using a drill tool.

Trimming machine: It is used to correct the edge of the drill.

3.    Maintenance of grinding wheel

 Maintenance is one of the majors which is very essential for grinding tools. Shape and abrasive particles are important for processing the grind machines. Whatever the size of abrasive grains, they are required to ensure the efficiency of machines and the edge protection of tools.

Whereas,to grind the different parts of the tools, the grinding wheel should have different shapes. Mainly used shapes by the manufacturer are straight and saucer wheels. Their work is to grind the angle, outer diameter, back, etc. After using the machine regularly, it is important to modify the shape of grinding tools. The chip must be abstract by using the cleaning stone, which is filled between the abrasive grains, so the ability of the grinding wheel can be improved. 

4.  Standard of grinder

 If the set of grinding tools is good then the standard of grinding measurement is beneficiary as well as professional. The process of cutting edge is passivating in cemented carbide drills that is called “Inverted blade”. The width of the blade is according to the material which is cut during the process, which is normally from 0.03 to 0.25mm.

The process where the edges of tools are chamfered is called “Chamfering”. Different companies have their own grinding standards, which is summarized by them from many years ago.

5.  Equipment used for detection

 To detect the problems in tools, some detective equipment is used by the manufacturer. They are basically divided in three categories: projector, tool setting and universal measuring instrument. Their work is different from their name.

Whereas, the projector and tool setting are used for measuring the issue like parameters of angle, radius and step length. However, they are not reliable to measure the back angle of the tool. For this purpose, a universal measuring instrument is best. It can also measure the most geometric parameters of the tool.

But generally these are not available in the market. However, if anyone wants to equip these tools they can buy them from the German and French market.

6.   Mechanics

They are the most essential part to keep the grinding tools. So, it is becoming more important to hire a professional mechanic who could upgrade the efficiency and work of machines.


Grinding process is important for tools but some points have to be kept in mind like mechanics, maintenance and so on. So, tools should work accordingly to manufacturing process and also its work efficiency and progress could be improved.